International Business Solutions


Jean Park has been in the marketing industry for the past 2 decades. She is a community advocate dedicated to serve the Korean and Latino community. A graduate of California State University Northridge. Worked in Telecomm, finance and hospitality industry She is fluent in English, Spanish and Korean. Jean Park. Founder and CEO of Avantella 

Skills & Experience

  • Exhibit and Trade Show
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Multi-national simultaneous marketing campaign
  • Grassroots marketing and local community events
  • Market research and analysis
  • Import and export consulting

How it started

For over 25 years, we have been involved in all business, exhibitions, marketing, consulting, briefing sessions, buyer discovery, and buyer meeting arrangements for overseas expansion of small and medium-sized enterprises, and have a database of each major industry.

Export support through planning and support for export events such as exhibitions/conferences/seminars and overseas sales support

Promotion and advertisement support for overseas marketing of companies/products/brands

Export-related market research and general consulting support excluding legal, tax, and accounting

Los Angeles, California